Grobenseebach local boys cultivate traditions

Grobenseebach local boys cultivate traditions

As befits a real french kerwa, the "kiegli zammspiln" stood in grobenseebach on sunday and the kerwas parade, on monday "maien rausdanzn" with ten pairs and "geeger rausschlogn" (gnawing out) on the program.
On monday after 6 p.M., the local boys marched from the festival square, supported by musicians, into the village to pick up their dance partners. A willow bush decorated with colorful banners was carried at the top of the tree. Only at the meeting point the local boys received the decorated skirts from their dancing partners. Returning to the festival site, the ten couples had to walk around the kirchweih tree. On a table, under a cloth, was the alarm clock, which began to ring loudly at an unpredictable time. Whoever was holding the willow bush had to sing a kirchweihl song.
This year it was mainly songs that referred to current events, such as weisendorf and its kerwa, which took place a week before, or a kerwasburschen, who instead of playing fubball preferred to visit the bushes.
Individual actors were also taken for a ride:
"the shopping cart for the kerwa was profitable again, with it the effe was transported home!" "Tonight our third board has fei gschaud, do hamsn three heena in gardn neighaud!" Only after almost 30 minutes christian rowold and his partner carmen essl were the winners of the "maien rausdanzn" festival.
At the "geeger rausschlogn won patrick prell. In this discipline, the local boys had to hit a metal bucket with an arm-thick trunk, which represented the "geeger" stood. Beforehand, the candidates were blindfolded and their sense of orientation was confused by being turned around several times. On shouts from the audience they then tried to hit the bucket. If the throw missed, the music only elicited a few sad notes. Only when patrick prell scored was there a flourish. The "geeger, a magnificent rooster, was "organized" the night before and was also brought back after the action.

Highest tree in the area

After these efforts, the couples moved into the marquee, where christian and carmen performed their dance skills in front of the audience. According to the old custom, the winner of the "maien rausdanzn" was awarded a prize a jug, but also had to endure the contributors. The winner could receive a coffee service. Sometime in the morning they had to drink coffee.
The local boys looked back on a successful church fair. The program items proceeded as planned. They put up the tallest tree in the seebach area, and no local boy managed to "bowl" the kirchweih tree, unlike some other places.

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Significantly fewer participants at demos against corona rules

Significantly fewer participants at demos against Corona rules

People again demonstrated in numerous german cities over the weekend against the restrictions imposed in the corona pandemic. However, there were usually far fewer participants than expected.

In berlin, the gatherings were spread out over various locations, mostly small in number – the rough rush did not materialize. Once again, there was also counter-protest. About 1000 police officers were on duty, as the police announced in a balance sheet. They accompanied more than 40 rallies. There were no rough gatherings against the corona masters as on previous weekends.

About 180 people were taken into temporary custody, according to police, but all were released. Investigations are being conducted into violations of the corona rules, among other things. Five police officers were injured, one was treated in hospital. TV chef attila hildmann, who later held a rally not far from the chancellor’s office, was also temporarily arrested.

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Federation for nature conservation launches conservation project “save rosi” for a bug

federation for nature conservation launches conservation project 'save rosi' for a bug

The bund naturschutz ebern and the institut fur biodiversitatsinformation (ifbi) invite interested people and nature lovers for saturday, march 8, 2010. February, to a care action for the preservation of the vinegar-rose thick-whiskered soft bug on the former ebern siteubation place. Participants, who should wear weatherproof clothing, gloves and sturdy shoes and bring loppers or garden shears with them, meet at 9 a.M.30 o’clock at the parking lot sudtor of the former barracks, as the federation nature conservation further announced.

The bug is said to have its only central european occurrence on the former site of the german armed forces and is to be demanded and researched by means of a rough nature conservation project of the federal ministry of the environment. This action by volunteers is aimed at preserving the warm habitat of the acetic rose, which is the basis for the bug. Since the rose, which grows to only 50 centimeters, is overgrown by other powerful shrubs, these shrubs must be cut back and the vinegar rose must be left free so that in the summer bug seedlings can be found near the ground by students from wurzburg.

Instruction and snack

Staff from the institute for biodiversity information initially wanted to inform the helpers about the "save rosi" nature conservation project informing and instructing the life of the particular bug species in the work on site. After about two to three hours, the action ends with a snack, according to the bund naturschutz ebern

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Twins surprise the running scene

Twins surprise the running scene

The first open sparkassen-cross run of the coburg runningbros association, combined with the ahorner local championship, with start and finish at the eicha sports field, turned out to be a good running event. Timo spath, organizer of runningbros was enthusiastic about the commitment of the many participants.

But the weather gods also played along, giving the runners glorious sunshine and cool temperatures, and so the surprisingly large number of participants tackled the two running distances – one lap equaling 4.5 kilometers. The challenging course led through the tambach forest and featured three uphill climbs, which gave the runners a hard time.

Two participants shone particularly brightly: the twelve-year-old twins julia and anne bach from the LG bamberg. What the duo achieved in eicha was impressive. In the 4.5 kilometer race, julia was the overall winner in 19:20 minutes, ahead of diana kopenick (TV48 coburg), who as a W45 runner was already almost five minutes behind. When asked how often they run each week, the sisters said, "we’re not really runners, we’re competitive swimmers with SG bamberg. Next weekend we will travel to the suddeutscher. We swim five times and run once to compensate!"

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Diesel scandal at daimler: new manipulated software found

diesel scandal at daimler: new manipulated software found

Diesel scandal spreads – daimler wanted to cover up manipulated software: at the beginning of the year, the german federal motor transport authority (KBA) discovered six illegal deactivation devices in the soare of daimler diesel engines. According to information from the spiegel and the bild am sonntag, the KBA investigators have discovered unauthorized manipulation of the programming code. The company has probably not communicated the changes in the code to the federal office.

Daimler under suspicion

The issue is a familiar one: the tricks in the code were probably intended to ensure that cars complied with the nitrogen oxide limits. A mass recall of daimler cars could develop from the software discovery. At present probably 55.000 cars of the "GLK" model to be recalled. As the spiegel notes, this could expand considerably.

Unclear what kallenius knew

In the new chapter of the diesel affair, it is also unclear what role the designated successor to group CEO dieter zetsche, ola kallenius, will play in the matter. The current member of the board of management responsible for technology succeeds zetsche at the beginning of may. In an interview with bild am sonntag, daimler insists that kallenius was not involved in the software updates – unusual for an area under his leadership.

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German-english partnership is given a new lease of life in wallenfels

German-English partnership is given a new lease of life in wallenfels

The town twinning between wallenfels and bingham in nottinghamshire has existed since 1984. This was the reason for the founding of the bingham-wallenfels circle in 1985. Numerous activities such as mutual visits, camps, soccer games and the traditional beer festivals in bingham connect the english with the frankenwalders.

"New old ways he now wants to go to bingham in the connection, explains mayor jens korn. New ways because one wants to offer mutual practices. Old ways again, because one had years ago already once three trainees from bingham to guest in wallenfels. A number of entrepreneurs, including the caritas association with its old people’s and nursing home st. Elisabeth in wallenfels, ready to join in and offer internships. And so matthew watson came from bingham to wallenfels. He had a keen interest in the nursing field in the old people’s home – and since he had already completed an internship in a hospital in bingham, he could make a good comparison. And the residents had immediately taken the quiet reliable matthew to their hearts. He was affectionate with the elderly men and women, showed respect and was therefore quickly integrated into everyday life in the old people’s home. For one week he was involved in the care, got to see a lot of the basic supplies and helped out where he could. Now he supports the therapy in the protective area. Meal preparation, group activities, playtime, reading time or just sitting and listening, all of which the 16-year-old has already grown fond of in the short time he has been there. "It’s very different from here at the hospital, much more interesting and not as hectic.", emphasizes matthes.

Dialect like chinese

He actually gets along quite well with the language, as long as you talk to him in high german. However, when dialect is spoken, and spoken rather quickly, it sounds like chinese to him. "But I try to understand a lot", laughs the friendly young man.

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“Stab in the heart”: stuttgart’s christmas spirit dampened

The penultimate minute of the last game of the year spoiled the christmas spirit of pellegrino matarazzo.

"That was a stab in the heart," said the vfb stuttgart coach about anthony modeste’s goal (89.), by which the schwaben with 0:1 at the 1. FC koln lost and have to spend the winter in the relegation place of the fubball-bundesliga.

In the last year of promotion, vfb celebrated christmas in tenth place; in the second half of the season, stuttgart was the eighth best team in the league. The current crash can be explained by long injuries, such as those of the exceptional offensive players silas katompa mvumpa and sasa kalajdzic. But not alone. And not complete.

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Doping raid at tour: di gregorio arrested

Doping raid at tour: di gregorio arrested

"This is a serious matter," said cofidis team manager yvon sanquer after his rider remy di gregorio was arrested by the police on suspicion of dealing in doping substances. The 26-year-old mountain specialist from the french second division team was taken to his hometown of marseille for questioning. There sits the prosecutor’s office investigating the case since the previous year.

The team suspended the professional immediately. However, the team will be at the start of the 10 km race in macon on wednesday. Tour stage, sanquer said. "It is a matter of a single driver who acted individually. No one else is affected. We do not want to leave all the riders for the misconduct of a single boy," said the manager – formerly in the service of the scandalous forces festina and astana. In 2007, the entire cofidis team was withdrawn from the tour of france following the cristian moreni doping case.

Di gregorio is said to have come to the attention of "L’equipe" through a telephone conversation with a potential doping handler. Sanquer lieb let it slip that the police might have been expecting a fresh delivery of doping products – that’s why the raid was made. Sanquer reported that the officers had seized items from gregorio’s room.

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Playoffs for mavs far away – nowitzki wants to verlangern

Playoffs for mavs far away - nowitzki wants to verlangern

With the 99-103 loss to the los angeles lakers, the dallas mavericks’ hopes of making it to the c.O.-the dallas morning news called it a "death knell for playoff chances". "It’s tough again," nowitzki said in a quiet voice, annoyed. "This seems to be the topic of the year. We always keep up in these games and just can not pull it off."

But the current misery has brought back the old fighting spirit in him – so that the 34-year-old revealed his long-term plans for the future for the first time at the moment of the defeat. He will definitely verlangern after his contract expires in summer 2014. "It’s still fun, but i don’t know if i’ll play until i’m 40. But when I’m 36, I’ll sign a deal, maybe for two or three years."

Nowitzki has repeatedly announced his intention to end his nba career with the mavs, and mavs owner mark cuban is desperate to keep his youngster. The eccentric billionaire had recently emphasized that he wanted his top star to play "forever" with dallas. "I’ll sign him until he’s 73 if he wants to play that long."To return to the starting lineup with a championship-worthy team, nowitzki expects support from cuban: "everything depends on this summer. It’s going to be a rough summer."

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Eu to issue climate-friendly bonds from october onwards

Eu to issue climate-friendly bonds from october onwards

Investors will be able to buy green bonds from october to finance climate projects as part of the eu’s corona aid package. This was announced by budget commissioner johannes hahn on tuesday.

The commission has therefore approved a new concept for the bonds, clearing the way for the sale in the fall. The aim is to convince investors that the money from the bonds will actually be invested in climate-friendly projects.

In total, the EU commission wants to raise up to 250 billion euros through green bonds. This corresponds to about 30 percent of the total corona reconstruction program of the EU for a total of about 800 billion euros in current prices. "This will make the union the world’s biggest seller of green bonds and the leader in sustainable finance," hahn said.

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